How do I know if I live in "The Town"?

The Town of Mamaroneck includes:

- The entire Village of Larchmont

- The "Unincorporated Area" – more commonly referred to as The Town

- Part of the Village of Mamaroneck – the portion that is west of the Mamaroneck River, bordering Rye Neck

Both villages are "incorporated" and self-governing. They, together with the areas that are not incorporated into either village (the "Unincorporated Area"), define the Town as a political and governmental subdivision of New York State.

The Town provides recreation, property assessment services, and election supervision to the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck, and direct municipal services including police, fire, and sanitation to residents of the "Unincorporated Area". The Town elects its own officials, adopts its own laws, and manages its own finances.

To determine which municipality you live in, find your address on our

Local Roads by Municipality (PDF).

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1. How do I know if I live in "The Town"?
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