Energy Use Benchmarking

Since 2011, the Town of Mamaroneck has taken numerous steps to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  One of the benefits of those efforts is reduced costs.  Initially, there were periodic efforts to measure energy and cost savings.  In 2013, the Town engaged an outside company to help measure the reductions and savings.  Although those efforts were somewhat successful, in recent years, the Town has begun to use the NYSERDA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program to track energy data and costs.

The graphs below show energy data starting in 2013 and the significant reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions as well as cost savings through 2021.  It should be noted that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was not a normal year for operations and the Town, as well as most other entities, experienced significant decreases in energy use and associated costs.  There are still significant improvements even if 2020 is removed from the data.

The "Town Facilities Total Energy Use" and "Town Facilities Greenhouse Gas Emissions" graphs include data for electricity, gas and oil use for the Town Center, Weaver Street Fire Station, Hommocks Park Ice Rink, Mamaroneck Senior Center, Highway Department and Streetlights.

The "Town Facilities and Fleet Total Energy Cost" graph includes data for all of the above as well and also includes gasoline and diesel usage data from the Town's vehicle fleet (police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, sanitation and highway department vehicles, etc.)

The Town updates its energy data on a semi-annual basis.

Total Reductions from 2013 through 2021:

  • Total Energy Use:  Decreased 6,716,510 kBtu (23% reduction)
  • Total Costs:  Decreased $223,481 (33% reduction)
  • Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions:  Decreased 439.6 metric tons CO2e (42% reduction)

Town Facilities Total Energy Use (Weather Normailized) thru 2021

Town Facilities and Fleet Total Energy Cost thru 2021

Town Facilities GHG Emissions thru 2021

Total Emissions Reductions of 439.6 Metric Tons of CO2e is equivalent to:

  • 49,466 gallons of gasoline used
  • 486,377 pounds of coal burned
  • 55 homes’ yearly energy use
  • 53,474,107 number of smartphones charged
  • the Co2 absorbed by 520 acres of forests in one year