Residents have expressed concern about coyotes roaming our area. The Town has reviewed this matter and, like many municipalities, is struggling with this issue in large part because New York State prohibits the trapping or shooting of coyotes without a permit. Most animals are seen on private property. If you would like to retain a trapper to address this matter on your property, there are several listed on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Website. One of the issues with trapping however, is that a snare trap is used for many animals and there have been incidents of domestic dogs and cats getting caught in the traps.Some important safety measures include:
  • Keep garbage in an enclosure or garage to keep all animals away.   
  • Supervise young children outside.
  • Do not let pets outside alone.
  • When walking dogs in the evening, carry a stick or golf club and flashlight and make loud noises if you see a coyote.
  • Should you encounter any animal that appears to be displaying peculiar behavior or is aggressive, contact the Town Police Department at 381.6100 and they will determine what action is necessary. 

More Information is Available:

Please click here for more information regarding coyotes from the NY State Department of Conservation: https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/6971.html

An informational session for the community was held on Tuesday, Oct. 30th at the Mamaroneck Senior Center. If you missed it, it was recorded by LMCTV. Please click here to view the session online or can call LMCTV at 914-381-2002 x203 and request that LMCTV rebroadcast the session.

Please check the Town's Facebook pages for any related updates: https://www.facebook.com/townofmamaroneckenvironment/ or https://www.facebook.com/TownofMamaroneckNY/