About the Recreation Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Mamaroneck Recreation Department is to improve the quality of life for all residents by providing a wide variety of leisure and cultural activities, special events, facilities and services that encourage health, fitness, relaxation, enjoyment, cultural enrichment and learning as well as providing opportunities for community involvement.

We will strive to enrich and improve the well-being and quality of life for present and future generations of Mamaroneck residents through sound planning, development, maintenance, preservation and the development of quality leisure services and facilities.

Parks and Recreation

Be Happier. Increase property value. Attract new business. Look better. Take care of latch key children. Reduce unemployment. Create memories, conquer boredom. Diminish chance of disease. BUILD SELF-ESTEEM, Live Longer. INCREASE COMMUNITY PRIDE. Eliminate boredom. Relax Promote Sensitivity to Cultural Diversity. Build Family Unity. Lose weight, Reduce Crime. Provide safe places to play. Educate children and adults, MEET FRIENDS. Lower health care costs. TEACH VITAL LIFE SKILLS, increase tourism. Diminish gang violence. Offer place for social interaction, Build Strong Bodies. REDUCE STRESS. Provide space to enjoy nature…The BENEFITS are ENDLESS...

What we do...

The Recreation Department administers the Town's various recreation programs and services for the residents of the Unincorporated Town of Mamaroneck, the Village of Mamaroneck, and the Village of Larchmont. We are responsible for the associated recreation facilities, including the Hommocks Park Ice Rink, Hommocks Outdoor Swimming Pool Complex, Memorial Park, and the Carpino-Steffens Fields. Some leisure activities, like the aquatic programs at the Hommocks Pool, are available year-around - while others are offered seasonally.

During the summer, we operate day camp programs, including a pre-school camp,  a full-day camp and a teen travel camp. In addition to the ice rink and outdoor swimming pool complex, there are 4 tennis courts/Pickleball court and two playgrounds at Memorial Park on Myrtle Blvd.

Memberships to Facilities

The Recreation Department issues tennis permits for Memorial Park on Myrtle Blvd, as well as permits for Hommocks Pool and the Hommocks Park Ice Rink. Registration for permits and most programs takes place in the Recreation Department office (located on the first floor of the Town Center).