Roads, Curbs & Sidewalks


The Town is responsible to maintain and repair almost 80 lane miles of roads. This includes contracting out for major resurfacing and patching of roads performed by a skilled crew of Highway Department employees. Potholes are filled on an as needed basis to further assure safety and smooth riding to the traveling public. The Town has set goals to resurface 4 - 6 miles of roads every three years.


The Town’s concrete and granite curbs, and handicap ramps on public roads are maintained by the department. Curbs are replaced in conjunction with the road resurfacing program. The Town currently has approximately 67 miles of curb in its inventory.


Sidewalks are also replaced annually in conjunction with the road resurfacing program. However, emergency repairs to correct hazardous sidewalks are repaired by the Highway Department’s road maintenance division. The Town has approximately 22 miles of sidewalks. Homeowners are responsible for snow and ice removal of sidewalks abutting their property.

Get Involved

Property owners may replace their curbs and/or sidewalks with an approved street opening permit. Please call the Highway Department to report any unsafe road, curb or sidewalk condition.