Responding to Emergencies

How Response Works

Every 911 call for emergency medical assistance is received by the local police department. They alert the appropriate ambulance corps (LVAC or MEMS) and assign a police officer to the scene.

The ambulance corps quickly responds by dispatching an emergency medical team. A certified paramedic and volunteer EMT arrive to provide immediate medical attention. They assess the nature of the patient's condition and provide skilled emergency care. When needed, the emergency medical team transfers patients directly to a medical facility, monitoring vitals and providing ongoing care during transportation. They report their observations and actions to emergency department staff, where further treatment is carried out under the medical direction of physicians.

The volunteers and staff of the ambulance corps recognize that people's lives depend on their abilities to provide quick and knowledgeable care. LVAC and MEMS emergency medical providers are certified through the New York State Department of Health. In addition to participating in ongoing training programs, they must recertify every 3 years.